Why Kickboxing?

This is a simple question that entails many layers. Vernon Kickboxing is such a great option for a fitness workout because it engages body and mind. The second you step on into the gym you will feel the great vibes of the community, the second you step onto those mats you will feel the great energy of class. We all know to workout after work and even on our days off is a hassle, it's easy to be unmotivated to take care of ourselves after everything life throws at us in a day. In fact, it is a hassle. However, we all know deep down how important it is.

The secret here is.

You just show up.

That's it.

Let us take care of everything else.

We are passionate about what we do, our students goals become our goals, the sport attracts an incredible type of people - and everything else takes care of itself.

If you are looking for a great fitness workout in Vernon BC, or perhaps even a workout in the Okanagan then this is the place for you. In fact, we are told quite commonly how fast the hour went, how fantastic everyone feels after, and the gains that are achieved.








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