Kickboxing as Stress Relief

Why is Kickboxing different from all other fitness classes? Because of the community, culture, workout, energy and engagement it requires. Kickboxing demands your attention the whole class, because if you are missing anything you are missing out.

What else?

Unless we live in a perfect world (if you do, invite me over... 😁☝️) we can all admit we have things in our lives that stress us out. Kickboxing has proven to be one of the most efficient and cheapest forms of therapy (the very reliable source of 'google' has let us know this 🤓).

But seriously.

There is a magic of walking onto those mats, and moving through a workout where you can leave it all on the mats. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Ready to face the world with new energy, it is a reset, recharge, and release.

Why do we have students that stay for years on end? Because they not only enjoy the kickboxing, but they also become part of the community and culture. Kickboxing attracts the most incredible type of likeminded people, tough, real, fun, accepting, and ready to train. People from all types of walks of life all on the mats for the same reason - stress relief and fitness.

You ready to join the party 🎉?






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